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Our multi-disciplinary health clinic is located in the heart of downtown Toronto (financial district) and Oakville. The main goal at Beyond Chiropractic is to help you restore your health and maximize your function.  Our services combine evidence-based chiropractor care with specialized techniques such as Active Release Techniques®, acupuncture, cold laser and massage therapy. Visit our downtown Toronto chiropractor today to receive customized care to suit your needs. Call us at 416-703-6222 to book an appointment.

Chiropractic Table

Chiropractic Services

A non-invasive, natural approach

A Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) focuses on optimizing your body’s overall function. Integrating different forms of manual therapy, to restore health and promote a pain-free, active lifestyle. We are rated in the top ten best chiropractors in Toronto.
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Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture

Ancient form of pain relief with a modern twist

Acupuncture was once regarded a mystical form of Eastern medicine. It has grown from its debut in North America more than 30 years ago into one of the most popular modalities utilized in today’s health-care marketplace.
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Cold Laser Light Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Health Canada approved infrared light therapy

Low level lasers have a therapeutic effect in providing relief from pain and repairing damaged tissues by accelerating the healing process. Specific protocols are used for each tissue to provide maximal therapeutic effect within a few sessions.
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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Re-establish proper weight distribution

Our practitioners perform a detailed biomechanical orthotics examination to assess any abnormal foot function and related lower body mechanics. Custom orthotics are a great preventative measure to ensure foot health in the long run.
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Nerve Pain Relief

Active Release Techniques®

Patented soft tissue treatment system

Our ART® practitioners can help with optimizing tissue health and performance as well as treating acute or chronic conditions. ART® can relieve headaches, neck and low back pain, sciatica and other lower body nerve entrapment syndromes.
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Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy

Therapy for the body and mind

Massage therapy is an effective treatment for relieving muscle pain and stiffness to help the body heal itself faster. A regular massage is also a wonderful way to cope with both physical and emotional stressors that impede our peak performance at work and play.
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    17:54 23 Jul 21
    I have been seeing Dr. Bhan for about 7 months now. I can summarize my experience in one word: Fantastic! He is... extremely thorough in treating your issues, employing a variety of techniques, not just chiropractic adjustments.He is highly knowledgeable about body mechanics and will help you correct underlying issues that cause pain and discomfort (e.g., how you bend when working out or doing chores).Spending time with him, is like seeing a chiropractor, physiotherapist, and acupuncturist all rolled into one.Thanks to his advice and treatments, I have changed how I move my body and have fixed my back pain issues to a large degree.If you are in the downtown core or Oakville areas and want to improve your physical health, I highly recommend going to him!read more
    Anja Todorovic
    Anja Todorovic
    23:22 03 Mar 21
    Dr. Bahn is a real life magician, and I am so beyond Grateful that my partner referred me to see him when I pinched a... nerve for the first time in my life (an extremely uncomfortable, and cumbersome experience). I have only ever let 2 people do body-work on me in my life (Dr.Bahn being one of them), because of the nightmarish story's I've heard about things going wrong when working with negligent, or incompetent practitioners... Dr. Bahn, was so professional, insightful, proficient, and made me feel empowered by truly educating me on what was going on. I felt immediate relief (physically, and emotionally / mentally) after my sessions with him. The technology he works with is so fascinating and effective... and his breadth of knowledge and passion for his craft are inspiring and let you know that you are in safe hands. Thank you x a million Dr. Bahn, for alleviating some of the most intense pain and discomfort I have yet to experience in my 27 years of existence. I would 10/10 recommend seeing Dr. Bahn for whatever body-work you're needing on your healing journey!read more
    Carolyn Grand
    Carolyn Grand
    04:42 08 Jan 21
    Dr. Bhan knows how to pinpoint your issues and gives you practical advice to avoid the problems in the future. ... Excellent use of acupuncture and other modalities. I always feel better and stronger when I leave.read more
    Lisa Meindertsma
    Lisa Meindertsma
    21:30 19 Sep 19
    Amazing and caring service!
    Sarah Procunier
    Sarah Procunier
    14:38 28 Aug 19
    Manik is the best! He utilizes several different methods to ensure quality, lasting results, and really understands the... whole picture. Will continue to recommend him to anyone I know!read more
    03:25 19 Sep 18
    Dr. Bhan is good specialist, what he does really goes "beyond chiropractic"; this all is a matter of muscle balance,... correct body movement, - target the underlying cause, not just adjustments.read more
    Ola C.
    Ola C.
    22:41 20 Jun 18
    Dr. Bhan is an amazing chiropractor. "Beyond" chiropractic is right as he is so knowledgeable with athletes and sports... and movements. He does more than adjustments and has other practitioners at the clinic. I've been getting my orthotics here for years also. I wish I could afford to see him weekly! 😁read more
    Derek Rennie
    Derek Rennie
    16:01 29 May 15
    Dr. Bhan is one of the most knowledgeable practitioners I have met. His understanding of body mechanics and a wide... variety of treatment techniques has assisted me through various injuries and back to pain free mobility many times.The nomenclature is accurate, they truly go "Beyond" Chiropractic.read more
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