Chronic pain in the lower back can have a myriad of causes. Pain could result from an accident or injury or simply due to old age. If you suffer from back pain, it is essential to receive an expert diagnosis from a medical professional. Here are the top five most common non-surgical ways to beat lower back pain.

1. Antibiotics

Last year, a Danish scientist by the name of Dr Hanne Albert published research indicating that 40 percent of people suffering from lower back pain may benefit from antibiotics. This discovery has put Dr Albert in line for Nobel prize and is one of the biggest shake-ups in the treatment of lower back pain for decades. Dr Albert tested tissue removed from people who had undergone back surgery and discovered that a previously unknown bacterial infection (an acne-causing bug) was present. He devised a randomized controlled clinical trial for 162 people with chronic back pain and found that people given a course of Bioclavid for 100 days did experience some relief from pain.

2. Acupuncture


Vitaly Napadow, professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School, has conducted controlled randomized trials into the effect of acupuncture on people with severe back pain. Using MRI scanners, researchers were able to measure the brain activity of people as they received either real or fake acupuncture. Only genuine acupuncture stimulates the area of the bran that processes pain, leading researchers to believe that genuine acupuncture may be of benefit for people suffering from lower back pain.

3. Active Release Technique (ART)

ART treatment works by requiring the patient to go through the same twisting and bending motions can caused the pain in the first place. In conjunction with the movement, the chiropractor apply tension. ART is commonly used in tandem with other techniques such as Graston in order to precisely direct the tension. ART is a good way to increase hypomobility in patients with lower back pain.

4. Chiropractic Adjustment

A trained chiropractor can adjust the vertebrate to improve motion through lumbar spine adjustment techniques. The popping sound that most people associate with chiropractic adjustment is harmless ‘cavitation’ and has no effect on the success of the treatment. Cavitation is simply the release of gas trapped between the joints of the vertebrae.

5. Graston Treatment

The fifth non-surgical way to address some forms of lower back pain is Graston treatment. This involves the use of stainless steel tools to alleviate muscular back pain. A trained chiropractor will use a variety of lotions and rub these tools over the skin to address muscles that aren’t moving correctly over the vertebrae.


These five ways non-surgical ways of treating lower back are presently in no particular order and simply give an idea of the range of treatments available. Whether you seek the help of an acupuncturist or visit chiropractic services in Toronto, it is important to consult your primary health care physician first. If anything, this article underlines the importance of have a full medical diagnosis before trying alternative therapies. If you have tried any of the treatments in this article, please leave us a comment below!

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