Active release therapy is a patented system designed by Dr. P. Michael Leahy that targets developed scar tissue in damaged muscles all around the body. When Dr. Leahy first developed the technique two decades ago, he noticed that the damage in the soft tissue of the muscles could be felt and dealt with directly through specialized techniques and movement.

With its proven ability to heal pain, its acronym of ART gives it some ironical connection to being a true art form in chiropractic care. Here at Beyond Chiropractic Health Centre, we’ve adopted the use of active release therapy and help people every day relieve pain in their muscles and tendons as just two.

Take a look at how active release therapy works. And see how it’s become one of the best chiropractic methods available today to target sore muscles that plague far too many people.

The Problems of Scar Tissue on Your Muscles

When we overwork our muscles from playing sports or just normal activity, many people don’t realize how it can leave scar tissue on our muscles. This scar issue ultimately creates pain that lasts for a long time after. It may be the result of muscle pulls, small tears, or even from a lack of oxygen (known as hypoxia). As this scar tissue builds, it can cause muscles to become weak.

Eventually, it leads to problems like tendonitis or nerve issues. This explains why some people come to us with mobility problems or issues of pain in a specific part of their body.

By mere feel, active release therapists can detect the texture of a sore muscle and how much treatment may be necessary.

Using Pressure Points to Relieve Pain

With a combination of providing tension to the targeted sore muscle and specific body movements, the pain is frequently helped or completely eliminated. To date, active release therapy has 500 different body movements designed to relieve the tightness in everything from muscles to nerves. Many of these movements will be unique to each individual depending on the specific muscle problem and location.

For athletes, this can be an especially effective treatment, even if some pain might be felt during the treatments. This is necessary in order to target the direct scar tissue, though it slowly goes away as each treatment ensues.

Not only for athletes, those who sit at desks all day can also benefit. Far too many people working desk jobs suffer back or neck pain from not sitting in ergonomically-designed chairs. We can help people like you alleviate that pain once and for all if you’ve been suffering for far too many months or years.

Contact us so we can tell you more about active release therapy and how it can eventually help you live a pain-free life.

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