Custom Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics are insoles that are designed specifically for you to help you maintain the proper alignment for your feet in any shoe. The orthotics, though for your feet, help correct any irregular foot function to improve gait and any bio-mechanical issues you may experience from any foot issues. The way you walk, if left uncorrected, can impact your knees, hips and lower back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from Orthotics?

Everyone can benefit from wearing custom orthotics. Even if you don’t have any over pronounced issues, you can still have some minor biomechanical imbalances that could become an issue later on. This is a great preventative measure to ensure foot health in the long run. But if you do have an issue, our practitioners perform a detailed evaluation of your gait and biomechanical functions to assess the exact issue and where correction is needed most. These issues vary and can sometime be very painful, and orthotics are a great way to ease that discomfort.
Orthotics can benefit the following conditions;
• Plantar Fasciitis – heel pain caused by overuse of the arch tendon of the foot
• Patellofemoral syndrome – discomfort originating from the kneecap and thigh bone
• Shin Splints – tight calf muscles that may cause over pronation
• Metatarsalgia – pain radiates at the top of the foot, targeting the bones that connect to your toes
• Morton’s Neuroma – fibrous formations around nerve tissue
• Pes planus – Also known as flat feet, which can lead to an imbalance throughout the body


Are Custom Orthotics only for people with foot problems?

You may be experiencing issues and not realize that even a subtle foot problem can throw you off. Any imbalance may result in other hindrances to your posture and mobility. Custom orthotics are a great way to prevent any long term problems with a biomechanical assessment.


Are your Orthotics custom?

These orthotics are not out of a package, these are made specifically to your particular needs. We first determine the necessary amount of correction by performing a clinical biomechanical evaluation which assesses the basic mechanics of the body focusing on muscle exertion and the details of your gait. Your foot is set in a foam foot mould and sent to an orthotic lab for development. From there the orthotic is specifically created to correct and adjust your unique needs.


Does OHIP or Private Insurance cover them?

Unfortunately OHIP does not cover custom orthotics. You may however be covered with your private insurance company or extended health plan. Depending on your coverage, you should consult your policy for the details on what is covered and what the appropriate process for submitting your claim.


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