Active Release Technique ®
Active Release Technique ®

Active Release Techniques (or simply ART) represent a specialized treatment method that can cure a wide range of problems associated with tissue, tendons, ligaments, nerves and so on. This innovative treatment is used by our downtown Toronto chiropractor and it has quick and permanent results. Here are some of the biggest and most important benefits of active release techniques.

It improves your range of motion

The muscles, tendons and ligaments of a particular person can become less flexible if the person in question has a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, he will move slower, have difficulties in performing basic physical activities such as housework and so on. Using Active Release Techniques, this problem can be treated quickly and efficiently. Our Toronto chiropractor focuses on improving the range of motion of hands arms and legs and the patient will automatically become more flexible and powerful.

Treat common and painful sport injuries

Professional athletes usually get injured when they perform various moves, exercises, techniques and so on. In most of the cases, the injuries can be quite painful and they need a long time in order to heal. This can be the worst nightmare for an athlete: not being able to participate in competitions, finish the tournament, train harder, etc. Luckily, Active Release Techniques can quickly repair the injured tissues, tendons, ligaments or nerves and the recovery period is drastically reduced.

Active Release Techniques is useful against headaches too

Nothing can be more annoying and uncomfortable than having a headache, especially if it starts during an exam or while having an interesting conversation with someone. Even worse, a lot of persons deal with regular headaches every day and their mood and comfort level are totally ruined. Active Release Techniques proved to be efficient in eliminating headaches as well and they can even treat chronic headaches and similar other conditions. Moreover, Active Release Techniques are very efficient in preventing headaches to ever come back again.

ART can correct muscle problems easily

In some cases, different muscle fibers can get damaged, whether they were overused or because proper warm-up wasn’t done correctly at the beginning of a workout routine. As a result, the athlete will feel pain and soreness in that body area and he will not be able to perform exercises anymore. Thanks to active release techniques, the muscle damages and any other soft tissue problems will get quickly healed, reducing pain at the same time. These results are possible because Active Release Techniques can easily target specific muscles or soft tissues.

Active Release Techniques can clean out different types of scar tissues

Scars are something no one wants on his skin. Especially if they develop on parts of the skin which are visible almost all the times, they are very unpleasant and the can ruin one’s image. Luckily, active release techniques can heal scar tissues over time and prevent them from affecting one’s image. Similarly, any muscle adhesions and other tissue problems will be fixed as well.

ART can successfully treat joint conditions

Another big problem an athlete or regular person might experience is a joint condition. If the joints or overused or they get damaged in various ways, the person in question will experience pain, soreness and an overall state of discomfort. Active release techniques can cure joint conditions quickly and considerably reduce recovery time.

If you are experiencing any problems with your joints, tendons, ligaments or muscles then feel free to contact our downtown Toronto specialists and schedule an appointment. Our chiropractor, Dr. Manik Bhan, uses Active Release Techniques in addition to other tools to order to heal these conditions and give you back the freedom and body flexibility you deserve to have.

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