One common question patients who visit their chiropractor have is, how much of treatment do they actually need? This is not a surprising question as patients undergoing any therapy would have this very general question. As general the question is, it is not easy to answer. There is no standard number that chiropractors can repeat to all their patients, as like every other treatment, this is also very individualistic and it depends on the patient and their own health factors.

Some patients benefit from just a few chiropractic treatment sessions, while some others do not receive much benefit even after many sessions of such treatment. In this article we will take you through what are the factors your chiropractor would be considering to answer your questions of how much of treatment you would need to have some difference in your pain and discomfort.


The amount of treatment you need depends on a variety of factors

Injuries occur in a spectrum of damage done to your muscles. Some injuries may simply involve a stretch to your muscles, some injuries might tear your muscle and some injuries might occur due to overuse and thus wear and tear of your muscles. Obviously, the more damage caused to your muscles, the longer it is going to take to heal. Thus, the more severe your injury is, the more sessions of chiropractic treatment you are going to need for your muscles to heal and recover.

The standard chiropractic treatment schedule

Usually, your chiropractor would require you to come down for at least two to three sessions every month. Some people might need up to four to six of such sessions in a month, and again it depends on your specific condition. The total number of such sessions and months involved varies accordingly, and there are some patients who might need up to a total of 60 of such sessions to recover. Some on the other hand recover with a mere 10 to 20 sessions. All in all, be prepared to dedicate your effort and time to this, as to see improvement, you definitely need to work for it in your own ways.

Make sure you feel comfortable doing it

Nothing too much or too little is going to feel right. As much as your chiropractor has a say in how many sessions of treatment you are going to require, you get to decide what feels good for your body as well. If you feel that the treatment is helping you and you would like more of such sessions in a month to help you out, then ask for it. At the same time if you feel like you are having too many sessions of chiropractic treatment more than what your body and muscles can take in, then voice it as well. Discussing with your chiropractor about this would help you have a more pleasant experience. If you feel better within a few sessions and would like to stop, let them know as well so that they can tailor to your specific needs.

Read up on your own

In this modern age of internet and e-books, there is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can have. More than anyone else, you are the person experiencing your condition, so you are bound to know most about it. You are at times your own therapist and doctor as well, so make sure you read up about your condition, the signs and symptoms and the available treatments. Read about the specific chiropractic techniques and treatments associated with your condition, and discuss about it with your chiropractor so that they can cater to your wishes to try the techniques out in your sessions to make them more productive.

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