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Golf performance therapy is the secret weapon to your golf game. This kind of therapy focuses on restoring the balance that your body loses during the physical movements required of a golfer.

Constantly forcing the body in one direction and with such continuous force, you may experience stiffness, muscular imbalance and this further puts you at risk for chronic pain and repeated injuries. All of these are things that could significantly affect your performance and stamina.

The body is great at adapting to what is needed to complete any physical movement but golfers become unaware of the damage the repetitive and strenuous movements can cause. If you were to look at your body as a machine, then this would be the maintenance schedule to ensure that it runs smoothly with prolonging the life cycle of the machine.

At Beyond Chiropractic Health Centre, Dr. Manik Bhan uses a combination that caters specifically to each golfer, and produces an individualized treatment plan.

The assessment examines the following:

  • The physical requirements in relation to the golf swing
  • The analysis of muscles most involved in relation to the golf swing
  • The evaluation of joints that facilitate the golf swing allowing for proper rotation
  • Muscle strength and endurance testing
  • Range of motion and restriction assessment
  • Considering overall posture, balance, flexibility, mobility and stability


Once the assessment is completed and all check points have been tabulated, an individual treatment plan and conditioning program is developed. The performance therapy can include many techniques known specifically to aid a golfer’s overall body function.

Techniques used in treatment plan:

  • Active release techniques which comprise of soft-tissue treatments that focuses on muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves that are overused.
  • Spinal manipulation to effectively restore balance and blood flow to tight muscles and restricted joints for optimal swing efficiencies
  • Postural strengthening
  • Conditioning techniques to build core strength, stability, flexibility and balance for proper swing mechanics


Dr. Manik Bhan
Dr. Bhan’s diverse background and skill set allow him to administer this effective integrated treatment approach in the areas of acute and chronic pain management, acute injury care, functional training and rehabilitation, post-surgical rehabilitation, sport-specific personal training, and improving athletic performance. He has had tremendous success in assisting a wide variety of patients achieve a healthier, pain free lifestyle.