tension headacheHeadaches are some of the most common disorders to affect the nervous system with nearly 50% of adults suffering from one at least once in a year’s time. According to the Journal of Headache and Pain, migraines and tension-type headaches are the most prevalent headache disorders, affecting upwards of 80% of the general population suffering symptoms.

There are 150 different diagnostic headache categories, and just as many treatments from home remedies to surgical procedures. However, some research suggests that chiropractic treatment could help relieve the symptoms of many different types of headaches.

One study published by the Duke University Evidence-based Practice Center found that spinal manipulation as conducted by a chiropractor could help immediately alleviate the pain associated with tension-type headaches, proving to be a viable option for those who’ve sought help in the form of medication but with little result. Even compared to massage, spinal manipulation improved long-term headache frequency and severity.

Headaches can be caused by physiological problems within soft tissues, stress, your diet, excessive exercise, and more. If you’ve tried changing your dietary intake and have done what you can to avoid the “triggers” most commonly associated with headaches, it may be time to try a different approach.


Headaches symptoms and causes are different for everyone: While they may appear to be very similar, no two people will experience pain exactly the same way. Just because one treatment didn’t work doesn’t mean you must give up hope. Please contact us today for more information or to discuss chiropractic treatment options for your specific needs. We would love to help!

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