Massage therapy can provide so many health benefits, especially in the long run and especially if it is done on a regular basis. People discovered the advantages of massaging thousands of years ago and the massage techniques have been improved considerably since then. If you want to know more about massage therapy and everything that surrounds it, here are several facts that will amaze you.

There are about 200,000 trained therapists in the Canada alone

It is a good thing that more and more people come to a spa or a professional clinic for a massage. In Canada alone, there are about 200,000 therapists who provide different types of massage therapies and bodywork for their customers.

There are more than 240 known types of massage and bodywork

A specific, tailored massage is more efficient than a regular massage. Therefore, more than 240 types of massages have been developed, in order to satisfy the needs and preferences of various clients. Obviously, some of these massages work better on people who have certain diseases, injuries, pains and so on. That’s why it is a good idea to always speak at length with a therapist before getting a massage.

The price for a massage is about $60

Prices haven’t changed much in this area. Usually, for a 60-minute massage, a customer needs to spend about $60 Canadian dollars. Those who live in smaller cities are luckier because the prices for massage therapies are slightly lower, in comparison with those who live in large, metropolitan areas.

Massage therapies treat a wide range of health problems

No one can argue when it comes to the health benefits provided by massage therapies. For example, different types of massages can successfully alleviate backaches, headaches, constipation, digestion problems and even reduce stress. Additionally, not only that massage therapies can treat various health conditions, but they can also prevent them from getting worse or prevent others from developing.

Women love massages more than men

Studies show that 60 percent of all massage consumers are women. Similarly, 78 percent of spas are visited by ladies who want to feel better and work on their image. Although this is good, men should also take advantage of massage therapies more. Such natural remedies can considerably improve their health and reduce their stress levels in the long run.

Massage therapies can even be helpful for those who abused of various substances

Studies indicate massage therapies can provide support from those who are in rehab or try to recover from abuses of different substances. Basically, the massage therapy in combination with a specific treatment can accelerate the recovery process of a patient who previously abused of alcohol, drugs or similar toxic substances.

Massage therapies at work can improve employees’ performance

It is not a bad idea for a boss to offer massaging services to his employees. Not only that this shows how much he cares about his workers, but it will also improve the health of all his employees. Those who benefit from massage at work will be less stressed, their productivity will increase and they will not lose days from work because they don’t feel well or they suffer from back pains. It is a win-win situation for both the company and the employees.

However, you don’t have to work in a big company in order to get a professional massage. All that you have to do is to come to our professional clinic and speak with our specialists. We offer professional and tailored massage therapies to all our customers, our prices are reasonable and in no time you will experience the full benefits of a massage well-done.

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