Also known as soft laser therapy, cold laser therapy is a medical treatment form that is known to use low level lasers so as to stimulate the damaged tissues in order to enhance the progress of healing and to provide relief from knee pain and also from inflammation.

This kind of treatment has great potential to ease inflammation and chronic pain due its capability to penetrate one’s skin and treat any soft tissue injuries. Because some patients don’t know much about cold laser therapy, they will ask so many questions about it. Here are some commonly asked questions about it:

What is cold laser therapy?


It is a treatment that utilizes some specific wavelengths of light so as to interact with tissue that has been damaged. In the process, it helps in repairing the tissue by jump starting and also accelerating the healing process. Patients who seek a painless and non invasive alternative to help them eliminate chronic or acute pain, as well as swelling in the muscle, joint, cartilage, tendon and other soft tissue, are good candidates for this kind of treatment.

Which cold lasers do doctors use?

There are a number of good options that are used when it comes to lasers. The most preferred option is the multiple cold lasers. This option works great to combat the knee pain and depending on the situation, more than five lasers can be utilized to accelerate the healing process. The most common lasers used in the process are FDA cleared Class IIIB types.

Is there a difference between hot and cold lasers?

There is a big difference between the two. Because high hot lasers are used to cut through, burn or even vaporize tissue, they can pose some risks depending on the patient’s situation. Cold lasers operate at a power that cannot harm the tissue in question. And there are different classes of cold lasers such as Class II, I, IIIB lasers which come with different power and wavelength. A doctor will always tell which wavelength is appropriate for your condition.

Is laser knee treatment just a temporary fix to patient’s problems?

When patients with knee pain have undergone cold laser treatment, you will be satisfied with the results and you won’t feel the need to undergo arthroscopic surgery, knee replacement surgery or even take the painful shots. Cold laser treatment results are sustainable and there are no side effects from the treatment.

How do doctors truly determine if you are a candidate for care?

Before you undergo a complete evaluation, you will have to go through an initial consultation. And any necessary X-rays have to be reviewed or taken so as to determine if you are a candidate for the cold laser program. Do you have a current MRI report? Then you have to bring that with you for the doctors to review it. If for instance you are determined to be a candidate, then doctors will review your treatment plan as well as the different payment options available.

Does cold laser therapy have any side effects?

You should note that cold laser is considered one of the safest and painless non-invasive treatments. There are no side effects from its use and soon you begin to notice relief and improvement. However, very few patients will experience soreness immediately after the first treatment, but this gets corrected in the subsequent treatments.

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