Because your joints support your weight, connect your bones and also allow you to move, they endure an incredible amount of stress. Although your joints are well designed to cope with all the stress placed on them, they too may suffer from wear and tear, thus resulting in joint pain which can be excruciating or extremely uncomfortable. Some of the factors that can easily cause joint pain include wounds, disease, trauma and sprains. Strains, tendonitis and arthritis also add to the list. Although joint pains differ from person to person, there are several things you can do to prevent or even alleviate the pain. They are highlighted below:



This is one of the best ways if you want to alleviate the joint pain. You need to get plenty of relaxation and rest so as to help in restoring your energy and also allow your body to repair itself naturally. And it is imperative to rest in between the exercises because this helps your body to cope with the ever increasing demands that you made on it, so as to prevent the joint pain.


Don’t go for just any kind of exercise if you are suffering from joint pain. Choose an exercise that will allow you to move within your joint pain limits and one that does not cause further problems to your joints. Some stretching and minor exercises can suffice. You can even ask your physician for some advice on how to exercise in the right way.

Ice therapy

If you are experiencing joint pain, the number one thing you may want to give a shot is ice therapy. Because it comes with cold temperatures, this therapy will help in reducing blood flow and the consequent tissue swelling. On the first day, you can apply the ice pack several times for about fifteen minutes throughout the day. The next day, apply it only five times during the day and for fifteen minutes. You don’t want to cause ice burns, so avoid placing the ice pack directly on your skin. Wrap it in a washcloth or towel instead.


Certain pain killers work greatly when it comes to relieving joint pain. There are also anti inflammatory drugs that are known to aid in relieving joint stiffness and swelling. You may also want to use prescribed muscle relaxants to help in reducing muscle spasms.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy in Toronto is an excellent means through which you can relieve joint pain in no time. Have it done professionally if you want to see quick results. And if you still feel that you can do it at home, there is no problem. Just make sure that you massage the area with the recommended menthol rub to help in easing the pain. Also, when rubbing the area, make sure that you direct your strokes towards your heart. You should also give physical therapy a shot. Since a physical therapist has specialized in human movement, they will be able to assist you with alleviating the joint pain. It may cost you some few bucks but it is your health in question here.

Look for a registered massage therapist in your region and you will see good results in no time. Make sure that they have experience in the field by going through the reviews section on their website. Because clients will give unbiased information about them, it is the highest time you should consider going for their services.

Apart from this, you can also go for other important services such as medical acupuncture, active release techniques and yoga among others. These practices are great because apart from enhancing the range of movement of the knee and hips joints, they also help in alleviating and preventing pain.

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