Find Out How Cold Laser Therapy Works And How Beneficial It Can Be For Your Body!


Lasers are successfully used with clinical purposes these days because they offer quick and effective results all the times. In particular, cold laser therapy is a procedure that can alleviate pain and decrease recovery time without producing side effects. If you have never tried this treatment before, here is everything you need to know about it and the advantages you can reap if you give it a try.

Cold laser therapy can promote cell growth

This type of treatment is used on a regular basis in order to heal damaged tissue or muscles. Basically, the beams of light have the capability of accelerating cell growth in various tissues and some studies show that cold laser therapy can even slow down the multiplication of cancerous cells.

Cold laser therapy can heal nerves and improve their function

Another excellent clinical application of cold laser therapy is to improve nerve function. For example, if a patient has a numb body part, the beams of light are able to stimulate the nerves and enhance the reconnection process of the cells. As a result, a numb tissue or muscle will be brought back to life quicker and any associated pains are alleviated permanently. Cold laser therapy is actually extremely useful in neuropathy because it can easily heal dysfunctional areas or parts of the body.

Cold laser therapy can increase vascular activity

Back or neck pains are caused by an insufficient amount of blood in those body parts. In other words, if less blood flows throw the neck, for example, this area of the body receives less oxygen, less nutrients and so on. Slowly but surely, neck pain will appear and in some cases, it can even become chronic. To treat this medical condition, a professional uses cold laser therapy in order to increase the blood flow in a specific body part. This happens because cold laser therapy dilates the blood vessels and enhances the development of capillaries. Thanks to this, more oxygen reaches the affected areas and the pain will be alleviated in a short while.

Cold laser therapy is efficient in increasing the elasticity of the skin

This is another important advantage of cold laser therapy. As a result of promoting a better blood flow, the affected tissues will get healthier quicker and they will be able to produce more collagen, thus making the skin more elastic. This can be very beneficial for everyone who complains of premature aging signs.

Cold laser therapy promotes cellular detoxification

Each and every cell of our body needs to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients, but they also need a proper detoxification process. If this process is not done correctly, the tissue will start to look aged, dark and unattractive. Similarly, the function of muscles, tendons and ligaments will be drastically reduced. Cold laser therapy can help the cells get rid of unwanted substances and it cleans out any area which was previously flooded with toxins.

Cold laser therapy also stimulates acupuncture points in the body

Our bodies have different “energy centers” or acupuncture points which if they are stimulated, balance and wellbeing is reestablished in the entire organism. The gentle beams of light used in cold laser therapy sessions act as the needles used in acupuncture treatment. They will stimulate the acupuncture points in the body and as a result, the patient will take advantage of various benefits such as increased immunity, more energy, less stress and so on. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that cold laser therapy is not painful at all, in comparison with acupuncture sessions which might cause slight discomfort.

An experienced chiropractor will also explain to you further details and benefits of cold laser therapy, so make sure that you contact our clinic to receive all the guidance you need in order to get rid of any pain you might be experiencing at the moment.

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