tension headacheTension headaches are one of the most common type of headache. They are diffuse, mild to moderate, and sometimes feel like a band squeezing tight around the head.

The cause of tension headaches are not well known. The current, most common theory suggests that the condition derives from a heightened sensitivity to pain and stress. Tension headaches are distinguished from migraines, though the same people can have both. Unlike migraines, a tension headache is not accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or visual disturbances. However tension headaches can cause an increased sensitivity to light. The condition can be considered episodic, i.e. lasting less than 15 days a month, or chronic, lasting more than 15 days a month.

Generally, people who suffer from tension headaches use over the counter pain or prescription medications. Medications may or may not alleviate headache symptoms, but understanding and treating the root cause behind the problem is key to long term relief and prevention. Visiting your local Toronto chiropractor or massage therapist may be a good idea if a tension headache is starting to interfere with one’s day to day activities or if one finds oneself taking pain medications more than twice a week.

After conducting a thorough assessment of your condition, our practitioners at Beyond Chiropractic Health Centre implement a treatment plan that includes some suggested life style changes: postural correction at work and home, stress management techniques, etc. Treatment can include soft tissue release, Laser therapy, and possibly acupuncture if the headaches are chronic. Exercises to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles in the back of the head, and shoulders are illustrated to maintain the healthier body.

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