One of the newest treatments in the world of chiropractics is Active Release Technique or ART. ART is used to target muscle, nerve, and tendon problems. It is also used to treat blood vessel problems. Numerous studies have already been conducted – these have produced positive results which show that ART is indeed an effective treatment method. So many people nowadays need to try ART since so many are suffering from muscle problems.


What is Limited Range of Motion?

Oftentimes, people, especially the older ones, wake up and they find their body parts quite difficult to move. There are also those who start to feel their range of motion becoming more and more limited over time. Some of the most common body parts that suffer from limited range of motion include the neck, the arms, and the weights. For most men, there is also limited range of motion. There are numerous factors that cause limited range of motion. These include strains and various medical conditions. It is a good thing that ART can be effectively used against the causes of such factors.

How does ART affect Limited Range of Motion?

ART therapists first evaluate the muscles that they are to deal with. They check the texture, the tightness, and of course, their mobility. As the groundwork is conducted, the therapists would then try to stretch the muscles in order to break up the adhesions. The stretching is usually conducted with the direction of vein in consideration. Also, the practitioner would have to request the patient to move the affected body parts in manners prescribed by the practitioner. So basically, ART is a joint-venture. Practitioner and patients work together in order to produce great medical outcomes.

Who can conduct ART?

It is important to remember that ART can only be conducted by certified practitioners. There are certain risks involved if one would have his muscles ‘treated’ by just about anybody. Therapists or practitioners are not only expected to get basic education and license but they are also expected to have attended numerous workshops and seminars regarding the subject. In some countries, credential exams even have to be passed. Also, it should be noted that ART can only be conducted on muscle stiffness not caused by blunt trauma. The condition should not also have something to do with inflammation.

What is the future of ART?

There are so many medical experts these days who specialize in ART. Some of these include chiropractors, massage therapists, medical doctors, and even athlete trainers. The body is practically useless if its parts cannot be used in their full expected motion. That is why ART is very important. It can help people do things they used to do. It can help them become more efficient at work as well as be functional in their everyday lives. Because of the health benefits of ART, more and more people from the medical and therapeutic world are learning how to specialize in it.

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