Are you suffering from neck pain? Neck pain is one of the most common ailments people complain about. Usually neck pains do not last for a very long time and that is why people wait until the pain is gone. But there are times when the pain is just too unbearable. What causes neck pain? Here are the top causes of it:

Bad sleeping positions


Bad sleeping positions are among the top causes of neck pain. It is because of this that most people wake up with stiff and painful necks. When a person sleeps, he is unaware if his body parts are being put in a strenuous or not. Those who sleep on couches and sofas are usually the ones who suffer from neck pains. One of the things that can be done in order to avoid neck pains would be to make sure that one sleeps in a comfy bed and also to ensure that his pillows are not too big or too elevated. Sleeping in a comfy position can help a lot in preventing neck pains.

Virus infection of the throat

People let so many kinds of food down their throat. And this is why it is no surprise why throats get affected with viruses very easily. Throats get affected with virus and this usually leads to swelling as well as extreme pain. Oftentimes, when the throat gets infected, the rest of the neck suffers with it. Of course, the solution to this would be to treat the cause. Throat infection meds usually work but it would be much advisable to consider consulting a doctor.


Whiplash refers to an injury caused by a rapid movement of the neck. Whiplash is usually suffered by people who have experienced motorcycle accidents. The sudden stoppage of their vehicles or their impact can cause their necks to suddenly move in an unrestrained manner. Usually, only the soft tissues are involved. But more severe cases involve the damage of bones. Though not a fatal injury, whiplash can really be painful. Also, it can lead to a very long period of neck disability. Most people are not able to resume their normal activities for up to several months just because of whiplash.

Disc degeneration

Also, there are a lot of people who suffer from cervical degenerative disc disease. It is caused by a fall or an injury to the disc space and it can really cause a painful neck. Oftentimes, immobility goes with pain. There are some patients who complain about numbness of the neck or the weakness of it. Sometimes, they feel pain in their shoulders as well. A huge amount of conservative care is required for disc degeneration. The application of ice packs as well as the constant exercise of the neck can eliminate the pain.

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