More and more people are considering cold laser therapy to manage their neck pain. Do you know what causes neck pain and how can cold laser therapy help? Today across the globe, a lot of adults suffer from neck pain. Well, there are numerous factors for this medical problem. The two below are the most common examples.

• Muscle strain – Most of the time, neck pain is caused by spraining or straining the muscle. Sleeping too long in a bad position can surely lead to the straining of muscles. That is why a lot of people suffer from painful necks the moment they wake up. But neck strain can also occur as normal daily activities are done. As long as the head is frequently turned from side to side, there is always the chance of muscle strain. A good example of an activity that can lead to such an example would be swimming. Muscle strain can also be caused by poor posture whenever reading or using the computer.

• Meningitis – Meningitis can also be a cause for neck pain. In this condition, the membranes of the brain as well as those of the spinal cord are inflamed – thus, the pain. This is an infection that can be indicated by a lot of symptoms. Some of the symptoms include high fever, nausea, sleepiness, and of course, a stiff neck. High fever accompanied with meningitis shows a very high chance of meningitis. Once these two symptoms occur at the same time, doctors should be consulted right away.

Treating neck pain with cold laser therapy


Since 1967, there have already been 2500 published clinical studies on cold laser therapy. It is not something new as a lot of people think. It has been around for quite some time and it has continued to become a great treatment option for those who are suffering from neck pain. Further studies are still essential in order to recognize the full effectiveness of cold laser therapy on neck pain. However, it is a consolation that the successful studies conducted were double-blinded as well as placebo-controlled. In fact, a Task Force on Neck Pain by The Bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010 concluded that cold laser therapy indeed is effective for treating neck pain.

How does it work? Well, cold laser therapy is a non-invasive procedure. This means that nothing has to be cut in order to treat the root cause of the neck pain. A lot of people find this practical especially those who do not want to bear with the long recovery periods. Also, some people, like the ones suffering from diabetes, have a hard time recovering from surgical wounds. Another great thing about cold laser therapy is that it does not require patients to take medications. Thus, serious side effects should not be expected at all. People do not have to take oral pain medications as well as take injections.

Usually, the whole treatment process takes about eighteen to twenty sessions. And each session does not last more than fifteen minutes. Cold laser therapy is advised in that clients can feel a lot better even after the first session. And the best thing about cold laser therapy is that it is not painful.

Neck pain can surely be painful enough to prevent people from doing their daily activities. That is why it is something that has to be dealt with as soon as possible, especially before anything happens to worsen the condition. If you are suffering from neck pains as well as back pains that usually go side-by-side with neck pains, then do consider cold laser therapy. It is both safe and effective.

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