Some people reject medical treatments fearing that the process might be a painful experience. Pain is considered to be subjective as it is experienced with contrasting difference by different individuals. Hence, this people with lower pain thresholds may remain doubtful about the medical treatment they should receive. Today, they would be relieved to know that there are many non-painful or invasive methods to treat their various ailments. One such medical treatment is known as Cold Laser Therapy. Read on to find out more what this means and what benefits does it provide.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy has another name and that is Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT for short. As mentioned earlier, it is used to treat an affected area by non-invasive means. Basically, it ensures that the patient feels little discomfort or pain at all. This medical technique is relatively new in its industry, but it is definitely picking up and this should be your preferred form of treatment if you do not wish to expend your efforts in psyching yourself up for a certain medical procedure.

How it is being used in the medical industry?

The treatment is commonly used to treat patients who suffer from arthritis pain as well as a variety of health ailments. It utilizes a range of low level lasers to vitalize the damaged tissues around an affected area, so that the recovery process is hastened. Medical professionals utilize the laser’s capabilities to penetrate their patients’ skin to prevent further inflammation and provide faster pain relief. Ex-patients who underwent this procedure before often rave about its benefits.

What are the benefits from undergoing the said procedure?

Most people agree that this procedure comes with minimal recovery time or none at all, and because it is non-invasive, no pain is experienced at all. Patients are not required to take any form of medication prior to their treatment and can rest assure that serious side effects are nonexistent. It is easy to understand why some people dread medication as they might experience nausea, upset stomach, allergic reactions or even vomiting from taking pills or jabs.

This alternate form of treatment has helped many athletes get back in their game, after being in the sidelines due to a sports injury. Its effectiveness in treating these athletes has reached global success, and it is living up to its success in a fast and efficient way. Speed is an essential factor when treating sport injuries. Recurring and persistent inflammation from trauma can exposed athletes to the likelihood of arthritis and unnecessary stress to their precious joints. Athletes who chose to undergo the procedure have reported the reduction of short-term inflammation as well as any unneeded downtime.

Cold Laser Therapy also helps a patient cope with postoperative treatments by reducing the pain he or she will feel over a certain period of time. On the other hand, scars may be inevitable occurrences from certain surgeries, and that may be a major concern among some individuals. However, they can opt for the aforementioned treatment to reduce the formation of scar tissues and increase their chances of regaining their once flawless appearances.

Researchers have also managed to prove that this therapy is capable of regenerating and increasing one’s nerve function. Nerve cells are the fundamental cells in your nervous system that relays electrical messages to tissues and cells of other organ systems. The reduction of damaged cells allows you to coordinate your bodily system efficiently and you can perform well under physical activities that can get strenuous at times.

How safe is Cold Laser Therapy?

Treating one’s ailments with cold lasers are considered to be safe, as it is non-toxic and dreadful surgical tools aren’t needed to come in contact with your body. However, some people should not undergo this procedure and they can be pregnant women (the effects on one’s foetus are unknown), people with thyroid gland disorders and those who are currently consuming immune suppressant drugs.

A quick summary of medical conditions that can be treated with cold lasers

To help you get a rough idea, the eligible medical conditions that can be treated with the lasers are superficial wounds, muscle tears, neck and lower back pain, chronic pain, stress injuries (recurring) and constant numbness in one’s wrists.

Are you currently suffering from one of the medical conditions that were listed above? You should not delay any longer, as you could be on your way to a faster route of recovery if you seek help as soon as possible.

Who can I contact?

Professionals who operate in chiropractic health centres and dental facilities are able to provide this treatment. In our facility, we do provide Cold Laser Therapy and if you want to find out more on how you can use this treatment to improve your medical conditions, do give us a call today or pay us a visit in downtown Toronto.

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